Wireless access removes the keys in the Home Care

Care Access people in need of care. It makes the Homecare more effective, improves the work environment and maximizes the security for each individual citizen. The system replaces mechanical keys and key-boxes, and gives access for the Care Giver anywhere. The only tool needed is the key card, which also is the ID-card for the Care Giver.

  • Elderly in their own homes
  • Senior houses
  • Protected houses

Get the access under control

The system is documenting who is entering the property.

  • The system is documenting who is entering the property.
  • No time waisting coordinating keys
  • Unlocks any door in seconds

Safety and security

The key card is removed from the system with one click in the cloud software, should it get lost. After it is removed from the system it is no longer possible to gain access with it anywhere.

  • Remote controlled access for doctor or emergency personnel
  • Safety and security for next of kin
  • Safety and security for the citizen

Optimization and efficiency

The system makes the work day more effective, securing more time for core services

  • The Home Care givers saves between 19 og 74 min. Per week, when switching to Care Access
  • An attractive improvement for all parties.

Flexible and ready for the future

adgangssystem model

Prepared for a safer future

The system is designed in collaboration with the Danish Home Care, and is prepared for multiple future functions. An investment in this system is an investment in future Care needs, the system is prepared for:

  • Dementia protection
  • Intelligent bed alarms
  • Emergency alarm

From our customers

viborg kommune testimonial

The right decision

"We made the right decision when investing in Care Access, because it is simple to use for the Care givers, and very easy to administrate from our central office" - Jette Hede, Municipality of Viborg– 1500 installations in the Home care section and 150 installations in 9 Care homes/Institutions.

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aarhus kommune testimonial

We experience a lot more security

"Our Homecare section has been very happy with Care Access and the implementation. The Homecare workers used to spent a lot of time handling key, and that that time is now used for something more valuable" – Mette Halkier, Municipality of Aarhus – 100 installations in the city center.

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