Nursing homes and institutions

Wireless locks improve privacy for residents with dementia, and remove all traditional keys in nursing homes and institutions.

Care Access is for people in need of care icluding people with dementia,
living in nursing homes. The system replaces mechanical keys with a wireless
chip, and opens doors for residents. The wireless function detects when a
resident is within the proximity of his / her own door and unlocks it. If,
however, the resident is too close to another door, his / her own door will
not open.This eliminates a lot of conflicts every day between residents.

A RFID key card is the simple tool that unlocks doors for the home carer
every where access is needed. The system is controlled from a cloud based
software package, and the unique design of the motor lock means it is
approved for installation- and use on fire doors.

  • Nursing homes
  • Institutions
  • Sheltered housing

More privacy

People with dementia can only access their own home.

  • Avoid conflicts
  • Improves the personal privacy for each individual
  • Only the resident’s own door will open

Access Control

Using the system, access to homes can be monitored and controlled.

  • No loss of regular keys
  • Makes access more effective
  • Fast unlocking – in less than a second.

Safety and security

Access can be revoked with a simple click in the software.

  • Time-based access
  • Approved for installation- and use on fire doors
  • Safety and security for personnel and residents

Part of an innovative security system

Part of an innovative security system

Care Access replaces the traditional keys and improves the residents’ privacy and well-being. The System is designed in collaboration with the Danish nursing sector. The input from this sector resulted in a basic functionality as well as future-proofing the system.

In addition, the system now includes:

  • A wireless and innovative emergency call system with positioning (from where did the call originate)
  • Alarming related to – and protection of – residents with dementia – an alarm is given if a resident leaves the nursing home or its area
  • Automatic and intelligent bed- and door sensors – an alarm is given if a resident falls over or walks off.
  • Maximum operational security within the ”Cloud”, with no intervention into existing IT system(s),.


Watch the video about how the access system works in home care.